Watch all skaters online

Cup of Tyrol broadcasts all categories online. By clicking the link below, you can tune in and be a part of our great event. Be sure to subscribe to the livestream channel to be updated while the event is in progress.


Cup of Tyrol-Innsbruck 2018: broadcast preview

watch again 2nd ISU Cup of Tyrol 2017

Including Laurine Le Cavalier, Dasa Grm, Natalie Klotz, Deniss Vasiljevs, Daniel Samohin, Paul Fentz, Oleksii Baychenko, Miriam Ziegler/Severin Kiefer and many more...

watch again 1st ISU Cup of Tyrol 2016:

Including Yulia Lipnitzkaya, You Young and many more.

Livestream viewers ISU Cup of Tyrol 2016

The organizing committee extends their thanks to all viewers. Your interest in figure skating is so important to the sport. We hope you will join us again next year for another fantastic event.